3 Tips for Planting Your Own Vegetable Garden

The benefits of planting your own vegetable garden are plentiful. In addition to being delicious, easier on the wallet and a healthy alternative to the store-bought vegetables garden that you grow in your own garden leave a smaller carbon footprint.

3 Tips for Planting Your Own Vegetable Garden

Shortly after moving into the White House, first lady Michelle Obama planted a Victory Garden. She encouraged Americans to follow her lead for a healthier way to eat and to learn the value of food and sustainable living by growing their own vegetables.

1. Make a Plan

Create a plan for which kind of vegetables and the positioning of your backyard you want to grow. Ascertain how much time you can devote to tending to your garden. Consider the climate, time of year, how long it takes certain vegetables to grow and how much space you have for your garden.

2. Pick Your Vegetables

Consider what kinds of vegetables your family loves. If nobody in your family enjoys them don't plant beets, for example. Make sure that the vegetables you select for your home garden will flourish on the climate of your area. Think about the size of your backyard and when it can accommodate the veggies' needs.

3. Determine Which Kind of Garden

Garden beds are well suited to growing vegetables. They are best for folks that don't have space for a backyard. They are easier to keep than vegetables as you can section off them. You need to work the plants in that area that is particular and the soil instead of a parcel of land.