What’s the Value of a Project Management Office?

The value of a PMO depends upon the direction it's provided by senior management. Different PMO's have different functions within a company but have the attention to impact positively on the programmed or project outcomes. Discover more details about risk management via https://www.riskmate.uk/risk-management-system.

What's the Value of a Project Management Office?

So as to check the role and achievement of a PMO you will need to appear at the programmed or project over a time period, looking at key deliverables and performance success. These indicators can vary from delivering within the agreed budget, providing the agreed outputs/outcomes or delivering the project on time.

The focus should be on making the PMO an integral part of the business rather than a distinct department or standalone operation. The PMO should be encouraging Project and Programmed managers on a daily basis, developing project management tools, templates, and checklists.

But, PMO delivery is also concerned with a broader and more tactical area, for example, creating a more powerful and consistent project methodology. Additional benefits might be more efficient planning of resources, high-quality project management advice and a more transparent and joined up approach to organizational decision making.

A vital issue with a PMO in any business is how the PMO is equally resourced and how its function is communicated by Senior Management. An organization will often establish a PMO as a 'nice to have' but won't offer the PMO the sufficient resources or the way to satisfy its functions.

PMO's shouldn't be been viewed as a purely supportive or administrative purpose but they have a special function, sitting across a selection of projects and organizational purposes and may often be the sole resource for Senior Management to understand the general success or failure of an organizations project delivery.