Solutions for IPhones and IPads

We list various types of solutions to the iPhone and iPad. Here you can read about the iPad with subscriptions, iPad Mini with subscriptions and also different payment solutions to the iPhone and iPad. We will also list various iPhone 5 shells andother useful tips for you that iPhone and iPad owners. Why buy the iPhone? There are many reasons. I assume you’ll need a cell phone – you’re not there then there areof course many reasons not to buy the iPhone. But we say you need it, that makes the iPhone a more attractive choice than Android is including all the accessories that are available for the iPhone. Among other things, there is now a plethora of different iPhone 5 accessories for everyone, in all flavors.

There are of course different Android phones as well! However, it is not primarily the iPhone skins and similar accessories we have in mind, but they are a bit more advanced. I was going to take up the Bank as an example, but it was launched recently to Android. However, it is not always obvious. Many times launched accessories exclusively for the iPhone. izettle is a Swedish invention designed to transform your iPhone or iPad to a payment terminal. What you do is to attach a small box to either the sound or the charging input jack. Which puts the customer in her debit card and through company cost-free iPhone app you can get paid by the customer. Frequent and very easy!

There are other accessories that are more concrete.I sat yesterday and checked the “Dragons Den”, the British program where entrepreneurs get to pitch their ideas to investors in the hope that someone would jump on the bandwagon. It was a season where there were summed up the season’s best pitcher. Modern iPhones also come with digital transcription options.

Among other things, it was two men who showed a cool thing to the iPhone, it is known as the “Magic Wand” and allows you to control your iPhone or iPad with a magic wand. It’s the accessories other than the iPhone 5 cases and car chargers, it!

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