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Air pollution is a big issue in the work environment. The analysis of indoor air quality and pollutant levels within office environments is a difficult problem. The difficulty of analyzing and quantifying the quality of workplace environments arises from various factors such as:

Office buildings often undergo building renovations like installation of new carpeting, modular office walls and freestanding offices, and painting.

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The ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers) has made a general standard of 20 cubic feet of outside air per second / per person for a workplace environment. This is a sufficient quantity of air to dilute building pollutants and maintain a healthful environment. Indoor air quality complaints grow significantly in offices which aren’t provided sufficient outside air.

Lots of the seeming health signs are unclear and common to both the workplace and home environment. Plans or values for permitted personal revelation limits to pollutants inside office buildings are extremely limited.

Many times fragrances are related with chemical pollutants from inside or outside the office area, or by the building material. This is very clear after building renovation or installation of new carpeting. Out-gassing from these matters as paints, glues, sealants, office furniture, carpeting, and vinyl wall coverings is the origin of an variety of irritant compounds. Generally, these chemical contaminants can be measured at levels above ambient (normal background) but way below any present occupational estimation measures.

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