Best Types of Hot Bath Tubs to Use


Hot tubs are placed either on the ground or above the ground. Hot tubs are different from common bathtubs that we use today. They have jets and a pre-set temperature for relaxation. Since they are larger than bathtub, sometimes accommodating 5-6 people according to their size, they are the best place for social gathering for friends. Unlike a walk in the tub, a hot tub has molded steps to climb into. It is wise to check out the best hot tub spa reviews  before buying a hot tub.

Outdoor hot tub

It is possibly the best and cost-effective variety of hot tub. You either let it stand over the ground or dig a hole out of it. You can also buy different types of hot tubs for outdoor purpose. There are many benefits of this type of hot tub.

Indoor hot tub

Though it might cost you more, there are still certain benefits of indoor hot tub over the outdoor hot tub. The first benefit is that it gives more privacy as you can close the drapes to avoid onlookers. Its temperature also heats the room and spread it to the nearby rooms.

Wooden hot tubs

As the name suggests, a wooden hot tub is made of wood and it is filled with hot water. It was heated using the wood and it is also known as wood-fired hot water tub. Nowadays, these are used outside and fitted with pipes like a regular hot tub to heat water and add bubbles. Usually, these tubs are placed outside and can be heated all the year round.

Inflatable Hot Tub

Usually, this type of hot tub is made of PVC. It should be blown up before use. Everything inside it is pre-formed and it should work well to connect to the heater and pump. It is also known as the portable hot tub. Most of the hot tubs are above ground and could be moved well with a bit of effort.

Saltwater hot tub

With the help of saltwater hot tub, you can get all the benefits of the common hot tub with chlorine. But salt is added in this tub instead of chlorine.