What To Bring On Caving Trip?

Caving is one of the most exciting and adventurous activities. It gives you a chance to see a completely new world. Naturalists consider caves a huge gift of nature that is fragile and can also be very hazardous at the same time. Before going for cave exploration, there are certain things that you should have at all times and those are:

Courtesy: greek-islands

1. Bag

Bring a bag that you would not mind getting muddy. The bag should be sleek and compact. It should not have any straps, bells or whistles as there are chances they might get stuck in the sharp edges of the cave and its narrow passages. Better yet, take a bag that is especially designed for caving purpose.

2. Flash light

Never forget to take a flash light. This is because most caves have very less to no natural light. So, it is very essential to have a flash light. Also, make sure that your flash light is working and bring extra batteries you never know when you run out of battery.

3. Helmet

With so less light there are chances that you may bump into low cave wall so it is essential to wear a helmet. Most passages in the caves are strong, sharp and solid rock so it is better to have a helmet on just in case you slip or fall.

4. Water and food

When going for cave exploration on your Borneo Sandakan tour always bring extra food and water bottle. It is preferable to pack some calorie rich nutrition bars and snacks. During caving, you tend to get thirsty from all the walking and exertion and you will not get drinking water there.

Moreover, wear the right shoes because caves are usually slippery.